About us

Remax is dynamic and rapidly developing brand that offers broad GSM products portfolio. Remax supplies with cases and holsters for various mobile devices. Remax manufacures also high fidelity headphones – either bluetooth and classic providing the best sound experience. In Remax catalog you can find also ergonomic and comfortable car accessories, safe to use and reliable cords for data transmission and power charging. Remax is spearheading new markets and constantly developing its product portfolio.



Cases and Holsters

Remax offers cases and holsters for many devices, so everyone can find something fitting for ones needs. If you are looking for case full of finesse, adding splendor and dignity to your phone or custom designed, adding business looks and nobility – Remax has the answer. Reliable, full of grace, ... Read more



High Fidelity Headphones

Do you want to enjoy the highest quality of sound and comfortable use while listening to music at the same time? Remax has the answers to all your needs. Remax HF headphones provide the best experience with high quality materials, best performance and strong build. Either during sports activities or for ... Read more



Bluetooth Headphones and Handsfree Kits

For everyone who want to break free from all cords and cables Remax has prepared high quality products based on bluetooth technology. Remax BT Headphones are working with most of the devices and they provide high quality sound transmission. With Remax products you can answer your calls while occupied with ... Read more



Power Cords

Remax also manufactures high-end cords for power charging and data transmission. Soft, elastic and strong casing provide both comfort and reliability. Solid inputs prevent damage of your device even if the cord is rapidly pulled. Various lenght and compatibility with most of the devices allows to easly ... Read more



Car Chargers and Power Supply Adapters

Fast and comfortable power charging is possible – thanks to Remax car chargers and power supply adapters. Remax charging devices allow stable power input and safe charging in all situations. During a long drive or in case of instant re-charge Remax devices meet all the needs. Remax provides stable, ... Read more



Car Cradles and Mounts

Remax offers high quality car cradles and mounts compatible with most of the mobile devices. Manufactured with highest quality materials Remax car accessories provide relible and strong mounting, stability during driving and ergonomics you can only dream of. Remax car cradles and mounts are designed for ... Read more




Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you couldn’t answer an important call because you forgot to charge your phone? Remax powerbanks will keep you away from the inconveniances of uncharged cells. High capacity and stable working combined with safety of the charged device are the main reasons ... Read more




OTG hubs and adapters are another reliable products in Remax portfolio. OTG Adapters allow fast and conveniant connecting micro USB devices with standard USB or Lightning cords. Thanks to Remax adapters you can change your old USB cable into fully capable power cahrging or data transmitting cord.

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